Somalia’s opposition raises concern over ‘how elections have kicked off’


Fallowing Three day conference in Mogadishu, the council of Presidential candidates, a conglomerate of opposition parties said in a statement on Monday that it has concerned about how the elections have kicked off in Somalia days after votes by several regional states sparked transparency fears.

Opposition leaders said they had met with the Prime Minister Mohamed Roble, Members of the civil society and senior electoral board officials to discuss ways the upcoming parliamentary and presidential elections could be free and fair.

The council called on political stakeholders and the electoral board officials to prevent a repeat of the recent favoritism marred senate elections, which the only those picked by regional state presidents were chosen without rival candidates participating the race.

” The council expresses concern about how the elections have kicked off” The council of presidential candidates said.

“The council is committed ensuring that a free and fai elections held the the country, which conducted through all agreeable process to save the contry from fresh political crises ”