Somali PM slams ‘cowardly terrorist’ act that targeted parliament


The Prime Minister of Somalia Mohamed Hussein Roble has condemned today’s mortar attack on the Parliament during a joint sitting of both Houses.

A statement from the Office of the PM said: “The Prime Minister of the Federal Government of Somalia condemns acts of terrorism that are intended to disrupt the work of the Parliament.”

Roble described the shelling as an attempt to intimidate the parliament and derail its constitutional duties to organize the election of the house leadership and the next president.

The Prime Minister who is currently at loggerheads with the outgoing president Mohamed Abdullahi Farmajo said the attack is meant to cripple his efforts to finalize the electoral process in Somalia.

He directed the heads of the security forces to redouble efforts to ensure the security of the capital and prevent attacks during this critical moment when the country decides on its future leaders.

Al-Shabaab has claimed today’s attack and says it fired mortar rounds at the presidential palace without providing further details on the casualties.

Several people were injured in the incident, including two bodyguards of lawmaker Abdirahman Abdishakur and parliamentary staff.