Somali army launches offensive in response to rising terror attacks


Somali government forces killed at least three Al-Shabaab members during a military operation in Southwest State, a day after a deadly suicide bombing killed a minister.

Aidarus Abdullahi Sheikh, a commander who led the operation, told Keydmedia Online via phone that the SNA in collaboration with Southwest regional troops captures key areas in the Bay region.

Our gallant soldiers succeeded to kill three terrorists and some escaped with wounds during a joint offensive in Tosweyne village outside Bardale district on Saturday,” said Aidurus.

The SNA commander said they will continue their operation until the terrorists are liberated from their remaining pockets in the Bay region and reopen the towns under the blockade for aid and business.

The Al-Qaeda-linked terror group stepped up its attacks in Somalia over the past two months. On Friday, a bomber killed Southwest State justice minister Hassan Ibrahim Lugbur outside Baidoa mosque, a day after Marka mayor Abdullahi Wafow was killed in a similar bombing in the port city.

Al-Shabab faces military pressure as allied forces from Somalia, AU and US have intensified military operations in the southern and central regions of the Horn of Africa country.