FGS-FMS talks resume in Somalia as US mulls to impose sanction on saboteurs


The talks between the Federal Government of Somalia and the federal states have resumed in Asiyooni Center in Mogadishu as both parties strive to get a lasting solution to the current electoral impasse.

For several weeks now, stakeholders from both sides have pitched a tent near the airport but an amicable solution is yet to be reached given that the agenda for the meeting is yet to be deliberated.

The tenure of the current administration expired on Feb 8.

Sources say Jubaland and Puntland want the Feb 19 shooting in Mogadishu and the legitimacy of the current administration included in the agenda. However, the FGS under President Mohamed Abdullahi Farmajo wants the implementation of the September 17 pre-election deal and the Baidoa agreement discussed in the meeting.

To tame some stakeholders, sources say, the U.S. is considering imposing possible sanctions on certain leaders it believes are “spoilers” if the election talks in Somalia end in failure. It’s not clear who the US is targeting in the plan to bring orderliness to Somalia.

In a message on Tuesday, international partners also encouraged the two parties to reach an agreement urgently so that they can pave the way to free, fair and credible elections. The country was set to go for elections from December last year.

“As Somalis prepare to welcome the Holy Month of Ramadan, international partners express hope that the basic tenets of reection, tolerance, forgiveness, and reconciliation will usher in a successful summit of the Federal Government and Federal Member State leaders,” read the statement.

“Noting the importance of the planned FGS-FMS summit, international partners urge that this Somali-led and Somali-owned dialogue lead to the resolution of all outstanding issues and permit implementation of the 17 September electoral process,” the international community further noted.