Farmaajo congratulates his Ethiopian ally, Abiy on his party’s election win


President Mohamed Farmaajo on Sunday congratulated the Ethiopian prime minister, Abiy Ahmed on landslide victory in June parliamentary elections.

Abiy’s governing Prosperity Party won 410 of 436 parliamentary seats

The election marked the first time Abiy faced voters since he was appointed prime minister in 2018 following several years of anti-government protests.

The leader of the main opposition Ethiopian Citizens for Social Justice party, Birhanu Nega, lost while the opposition parties Ezema and the National Movement of Amhara (NAMA) each won less than 10 seats.

In a twitter post, Farmaajo expressed his readiness to work with Ethiopian government, saying both countries will enhance their bilateral relations.

“Somalia will continue to work with his government to further strengthen our bilateral relations to benefit our two people and the wider region. I wish you great success, prime minister,” Farmaajo said in a Tweet post.

Farmaajo, an ally of Abiy is seeking second presidential term as his first term lapsed last February.

Somalia’s parliamentary elections are expected to take place from mid-July this year.

Presidential election is slated for October 10th.