Everything has a solution


People are leaving as before but the country will certainly stay, as much it has continually been, solely we enable to commit distinction, and it depends on the way of thinking. “If we think as before then we couldn’t anticipate incremental modifications would be toughness, (Alberto denigrate noted Insanity is doing the equal thing upon then atop or looking ahead to distinct results.) Although much challenge surrounding to us, but the problem is made by leaders not civilians cause they don’t have the authority of choice and whom they prefer, leaders ‘re the solely who can hit the all matters  if they have capability, knowledge, and tactics to utilize public resource and  revenue incomes, let me make a bit  make comparism to the  previous and today’s leaders, the previous t have been a genuine intention  because their pleasure was once in conformity with patriotism and nationalism for their intention was to create health environment, with unity, for all Somali people. but  the current leaders ‘re far from the past  most of them     ‘re full of envy with less intelligent they only work  for their stomach constant, anless they change that bad greediness,

In summary

We can only pass and overcome these stagnation and Tough conditions, when we get genuine leaders those  came from  public not for individuals,  I mean clan leaders or elders, couse everyone has a right to elect   in order to exercise him or her, freedom.

Then Leaders most have Qualification, knowledge and tactical skills it  helps to access the  govt sectors but missing all of  these will be stacked.

Legal department’s they most take they role as effectively and efficient and should provide to all , an avoid corruption,

Compromise and comprehensiveness with confidence among of us would  be first an foremost,

Many thanks

Ibraahiim Alhaji Yuusuf




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