Asylum seekers admit plotting Nairobi attack


Immigrants arrested after causing disturbance and injuring police officers at the UNHCR headquarters in Westlands, Nairobi, last week, have admitted the chaos was pre-planned.

The asylum seekers are drawn mostly from Uganda, Somalia and Ethiopia.

On Friday, they told a Kibera court there is a crisis at Kakuma refugee camp as some of them have been ejected unlawfully.

They told court that UNHCR should expect more commotion as they will be fighting for their rights in the comings days.

The immigrants attacked UNHCR offices in Westlands at around 1pm on May 10.

Some said they have been forcefully ejected from Kakuma because they are gay and that’s why they are camping at the Nairobi CBD.

“Madam, after us others will be coming. You remember last week my colleagues were in this court, even next week others will be coming,” one of them told Kibera Magistrate Florence Mutuku.

Court documents indicate that police officers confronted them to evict them from the UNHCR offices in Westlands, forcing the immigrants to convene a sudden meeting that saw the election of radical leaders to cause commotion.

At around 1pm, some police officers from Kileleshwa police station tried to disperse them, and advised them to seek other options of seeking justice but not chaos and disturbances.

The refugees violated the order and turned chaotic and uncontrollable.

The diplomatic police boss present signalled his team to try and compel the immigrants obey the order.

However, they organised themselves in groups and began stoning the officers.

An immediate reinforcement from administration police was made, including the Kilimani OCS and his team.

The immigrants were 20 in number but radical.

The police arrested some of the immigrants but their ring leaders attacked Kileleshwa OCS Meshak Asiago and tried to strangle him.

They then ran away and plotted the second attack on the officers at Kileleshwa police station to rescue their colleagues.

The following day at 6.30pm, a group of more than 100 asylum seekers attacked the station to rescue their colleague.

The police managed arrested the ring leaders, who will be arraigned at a Kibera court again next week.