For The Attention Of UN Personnel Located In Mogadishu, Somalia Dear Colleagues,


We have received a security alert of five surf vehicles suspected to be VBIED’s.
*Possible target areas:

the ELITE HOTEL, km4 check-point SYL Hotel,Dorbin hotel, dabka erea, Jazeera Hotel, Ministry of information , , godka jilicow, liido Beach Maka Almukarama road, Villa Somalia Checkpoints, Nisa Checkpoint. Airport checkpoints.

Possible attack dates: January 20 21 28, 2022.

Stop visiting mentioned Government Offices and Hotels during alerted days.

All Personnel should avoid movements in and around any protesting venue, high-profile government buildings, and security installations. Avoid venue gatherings and protests!

All National Staff are to contact their Wardens to ensure they could be reached and accounted for during an emergency.

We are to report all suspicious activity.